Stepping Stones to Equality

In February of 2013, we began our journey towards marriage equality. As it stood at the time, Marriage was not yet a legal option in California, having been repealed by the sinister and criminal Prop 8. We had been engaged for 3 years. We wanted to make it “official”, and had our wedding already planned for July, so we chose the closest alternative; Domestic Partnership. In this, we celebrated in the best way we could, in a ceremonial “Procession to the Mailbox”, marked by my firstborn who filmed it, and two good friends who were our “witnesses”. When you have no road map before you, finding your way to equality, each step becomes a stepping stone for those who will follow after. Thank Goodness DOMA and Prop 8 were overturned and in July, we were “officially Married”!!! I’m presenting this video a bit late, but there are still many couples in other states who do not yet have the ability to say “I do”. Please write your representative and let them know that Family Values include ALL Families.

Since today is #GivingTuesday , I would like to give a shout out to 3 groups that have been inspiring to our family

1. American Military Partners Association: (AMPA) Their group held us up through the darkness of DADT and continues to push every day for equality for the LGBT community in the military and their spouses. Give back to them by donating to: (Read all about this great group at

2. Freedom to Marry: Champions to push for marriage equality in all 50 states. 

3. Lizzy the Lezzy. Yep, this brave soul and comedian brings her own style and sass to proclaim proudly that “gay is good”. She definitely inspires me. 

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